The purpose of establishing PHARMET Health Products Industry and Trade Co. Ltd. which is established in 2012; scientific research based on advanced technology products, the acquisition of new information, using this information to develop new research methods and preparing the design of the new systems, in the new systems carry out of commercial production and standardization work.

As a corporation based on Science and R&D activities, our research to be capable of conversion to a powerful drug, each new day to find new drugs to take the road are the responsibilities of owning.

Medicine focus on the today, functioning of the human body and preventing disease preventing. This science is continuing its way with in the past unimaginable depths armed with knowledge as. A great opportunity offered by rapidly evolving technology, is becoming a basic supportive of science. This development help us to find solutions and to get know better everyday for in the past can not be used to treat diseases.

Despite great progress, a long way ahead to be pass that we know. In our R&D laboratories, difficulties that may be encountered with hardware information; to fight the disease and working to improve the quality of life.


He is graduated from Hacettepe University, Department of Chemistry. He was manager at leading corporations of Turkish pharmaceutical industry of laboratories and R&D departments and has successfully completed many projects. Since 2012, Erkan Er has been Pharmet’s co-founder and carries on general manager task who knows English.

He is graduated from Yıldız Technical University Faculty of Engineering, Department of Chemistry. He was manager at production facilities of leading corporations of Turkish pharmaceutical industry. He played an active role at some of the largest pharmaceutical production facilities the construction and commissioning phase of the project up to the stage. Since 2012, Tamer Şenkan has been Pharmet’s co-founder who knows English.


On global scale in order to access healthy living for everyone, we are present to offer innovative and diverse products with a high quality experience.


Creating brands that stand out in the world be the first choice at compete in areas.


Transparency, result oriented and take responsibility can be summarized as.In the light of these principles will develop new drugs and medical products to help people, our main goal.


Pharmet in our country and around the world improve the quality of people’s lives by providing innovative medicines and treatments that create value for patients and society, fulfilling social responsibility is also considered among the priority tasks.

Pharmet Health Products Industry & Trade Co. Ltd

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